A woman and a young child are recovering from serious wounds after being mauled in separate dog attacks in Auckland at the weekend.

Owners of both dogs involved have agreed to have them put down.

Yesterday afternoon, a 6-year-old boy was set upon by an American bulldog in the West Auckland district of Waimauku while he was playing at a friend's house, reported.

So the dog wasn't put away while children were playing! Who's fault is that?

The attack left the child needing stitches to the top of his head.

On Saturday, Jo Rammer was walking with her boyfriend in Manukau when a pit bull pushed past its gate and attacked her.

Lack of boundery training. So easy to teach! However, lack of overall training is really quite frightening.. Sounds like this dog had something to guard.

Ms Rammer suffered injuries to her stomach and foot. The bites narrowly missed her vital organs. The owner says he wrestled the dog off her.