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January 28, 2010

Woman distraught after her beagle disappears

The owner of lost beagle Kura hasn't slept since her five-year-old dog went missing from Rarangi on January 7.

Nicola Dennison left Kura with her mother at a Pukaka Valley property on January 2 after she moved from Palmerston North to Auckland, until she found a place which would allow her to keep a dog.

The only lead Ms Dennison had was a woman who said she saw a beagle fitting Kura's description with a middle-aged couple on Rarangi Beach Rd last Thursday.

Must be hard to differentiate Beagles.

Kura was tied up when she disappeared. "It's not in her nature to go away," she said. "It's weird that she would take off and not want to come back."If she was stolen, I'm not into pressing charges; I just want her back."

Well, you did move from one island to the next, she could have wandered. But hey, being tied up might be difficult to escape. A friend's dog was stolen from his property, so it does pay to keep your pets indoors when you go to work.

Sad that you have to do this though! The problem, of course, is that now designer dogs can fetch up to $2000+ . Better than stealing a cellphone.

Kura was wearing a purple and white collar with a Palmerston North registration, and unlike most beagles she does not have some black in her coat. There is a reward offered for her return. If you can help, call 021 864914.

This made the Malbourough News. I wonder if every lost dog gets this write-up?


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