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January 31, 2010

These dogs get to have their day

It's a big day for Isabella and Enzo, a pair of uncommon pooches entering their first-ever championship dog show today.

The bouncy dogs are among the 100 breeds entered in this weekend's Nelson District Kennel Association Centenary Celebration Championship show.

The bergamasco sheepdogs are the first breeding pair of their type to be brought to New Zealand and their owner, Neil MacNeil, hopes their unique characteristics will see them take home a trophy or two.

The pair were bathed, groomed and taught to walk around the ring in preparation for the show, which has attracted 500 dogs from all over New Zealand.

Mr MacNeil said he liked the breed because they were hypoallergenic and didn't moult. His wife was "allergic to everything". The dogs' coat mats naturally and eventually grows into long dreadlocks. MORE>>


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