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January 12, 2010

Solvent poured on dog

Can you help? for those living in Invercargill....

A dog has had solvent poured on its back, probably while its hind legs were tied together to immobilise it, and the Invercargill SPCA needs your help to track down those responsible.

The dog was found in Otatara, burnt, bloodied and peeling after having a solvent poured over it.

The staffordshire cross, believed to be about 10, was found on Thursday with its hind legs tied with nylon rope.

The SPCA was called to retrieve the dog, which was at first believed to have been hit by a car but later found to have had a liquid solvent poured over it, burning its hair and skin.

Invercargill SPCA shelter manager Mary Bradley said she was not jumping to conclusions about what had happened to the dog. It could have been an accidental spill but she was certain the dog did not receive the injury by itself.



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