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January 14, 2010

Sad end to dog of a life

Heinous mistreatment of a pit bull cross, abandoned with a narrow collar that dug into her flesh as she grew, highlights a danger for even loving pet owners, according to Hutt City animal control.

The animal was found last week in the possession of an old woman - not her owner - who got the collar off, leaving gaping wounds.

Hutt animal control officer Virginia van Dooren says the injuries are the worst of its kind she has ever seen.

"It's shocking, very bad. We think the owners ran off - one is in jail - and this poor girl was running around the streets with a bleeding neck."


Animal control officers regularly see dogs with collars that are too tight. "It's the first thing I check," she says. "People forget that their dogs grow, and they neglect to get a bigger collar. "They just leave their first one on permanently, when they should remove it now and then."



  • At 1:29 p.m., Blogger g said…

    hmm i dont understand the Animal Control Officer stating that we cant find the owner so nothing can be done? The fact the dog is microchipped allows them to directly link that dog to its last recorded owner, this person can be issued with infringement fines ($000,s) which simply need to be sent tyo their last known address. Then after the process of time through the stystem the courts will locate them and seize goods, prevent overseas travel etc... its not much but at least its something, and if this person has more than 3 infringements in a 24 month period not relating to the same incident, the Animal control Dept can disqualify them from owning a dog for 5 years. The processing time for prosecution varies and if a dog is suffering illness or injury a vet may authorise its euthanasing on welfare grounds so there is no need to hold a sick animal in a facility. until we start persecuting the owners who cause this cruelty to be perpetuated then these cases will be seen regularly.


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