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January 15, 2010

Rottweilers kill fox terrier in vicious attack

A search in underway for the owners of two Rottweilers that viciously attacked and killed a small fox terrier in Wainuiomata.

Fox terrier Suzie was being walked on a leash just metres from the home of her owner's sister-in-law yesterday morning when the two large dogs attacked.

Suzie's owner Dianne Belworthy says she never stood a chance and there was no warning.

‘There was no growling like some dogs would just probably growl and then maybe attack just to play. But this was ‘I want to kill that dog’. The whole mouth just went on her body; it pierced both sides of her body,” she says.

Hutt City Council dog control officers have seized the dogs and are hunting for the Rottweilers' owners – Its likely the animals will be destroyed.

That is very un-dog like, not to growl... sounds like someone didn't take care of these dogs in puppy hood.

We had a dog that just rushed and attacked our dog once the owner took the lead off his dog.

Our dog was doing his own thing and running to keep up to me (ran in front of the dog) while the owner was having a hard time holding onto, and controlling his dog. We were some metres away when he let his dog off lead. The dog be-lined to our dog... The guy had a tennis ball thinking that this was enough to distract him from our dog! He should have known that his dog was in attack mode- why'd he let him off his lead when he did so?

How my dog managed to get away without any damage, I'll never know.


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