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January 29, 2010

Neighbours dispute dog massacre details

The neighbours involved in a dispute which led to 33 unregistered dogs being slaughtered in Wellsford have very differing views of what happened and why.

''They were screaming making sounds dogs just don't make. When one was gone, others knew they were next to go but they had nowhere to go."

That was the description from the owner of 33 dogs shot dead in what was a 20 minute massacre on a property near Wellsford north of Auckland after a dispute between neighbours.

The argument apparently came about after one neighbour, Russell Mendoza, discovered his fox terrier had been mauled to death by another animal.

Mendoza accused one of neighbour Rowan Hargreaves' 33 dogs of doing this. MORE>>

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  • At 6:12 p.m., Blogger tim said…

    russell mendoza deserves nothing less than jail for this, who the fuck is he to just rock up to someone with loaded rifles demanding to shoot their dogs then go at it like dirty harry, i feel for the owner of the 33 dead. shame on you mendoza, i hope you die a horible death.


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