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January 27, 2010

Move to speed up death sentences

A proposal to empower councils to destroy dangerous dogs without a court order is awaiting Government support, but there is resistance from dog owners.

Gee, I wonder why?

Invercargill City Council's plan would mean councils have the right to euthanise dogs they impound after attacks. Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ) backs the proposal.

Of course the city council in Invercargill wants that. They think puppies are born killers!

Council animal control officers can shoot dead a dog only if they catch it in the act of attacking a person.

If the owner of a dog that attacks someone does not give permission for its destruction, the dog can be seized by the council and impounded, but a court order must then be sought for its destruction.

This sounds like 'innocent before proven guilty'

"That takes several months, and basically the animal takes up a bay in the pound ... for a considerable period of time," said Bill Watt, of the Invercargill City Council.

I understand the logistics in this. How many in actual fact are in the pound waiting for execution? And why does it take months to process. Why don't the City Council ask THAT question!

I seem to remember that someone broke in and stole their dog last year. Maybe they want to kill dogs without getting a court order because they can't contain the dogs!

We are suggesting where there has been an attack, and the dog is believed by the animal control officer to be dangerous, the local authority should be able to euthanise the dog, he said.

The bold up above is the worry. Sorry, but I don't trust someone just because they 'believe' something. Evidence based laws are required otherwise we 'let them lose to think they are judge, jury and executioner.'

The New Zealand Kennel Club is against councils having "carte blanche right to take dogs and destroy them".

"We don't believe councils should have autonomy in that area," said president John Perfect.

I'm glad someone thinks the same as me!

LGNZ president Lawrence Yule said his organisation would lobby the Government to adopt the proposal.

Take our tax dollars for this ?! Hum.. wouldn't it be better spent educating the public about dogs. They live in our society. A lot of people seem to like them a lot!

While some people would be worried about the rights of the dog, a "hell of a lot of New Zealanders will be worried about the rights of people".

I'm very worried about the rights of people too! When someone is arrested and charge for public speaking... that's a worry.

Local Government Minister Rodney Hide will consider the proposal as part of a review of dog laws next year.

Thank god Rodney met a woman that has dogs and is now sharing his life with the family!


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