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January 08, 2010

Dog owners ignore Sumner beach no-go rules

People violating bylaws by letting their dogs roam are causing problems on Sumner beach.

Under the Christchurch City Council's Dog Control Bylaw 2008, dogs are banned from Christchurch beaches between 9am and 7pm from December 1 to March 1.

Sumner Residents' Association spokeswoman Adrienne Jackson said dogs were on the beach "virtually every day".

"It's a very mixed issue among the community," she said. "Some of the residents are dog owners and walk them along there, while others want the beach to be free of them."

Most dog problems came when they were let off their leashes, she said.

Dogs soiling on the beach was of particular concern in summer when families were at the beach, she said. MORE>>

The more rules a society has, the more people are going to break them. Civil society goes out the window. Somehow, breaking a rule is fun... it's the naughty thing to do. Be careful what rule you put in place because inevitably it will be broken (and city coffers get filled).

Treating adults like children just pisses adults off...

Like I said... where's civil society? people should respect other people's space, not BECAUSE it's the law and you might get fined, but BECAUSE it's the right thing to do!


  • At 10:57 p.m., Blogger Natalie said…

    I tried to comment on this guys blog but his proxy server won't allow me (whatever that means...)

    So here's the comment of what his view on the Sumner Beach issue. His blog is black background with white writing...

    "Hi there... Although your blog is black and white (and difficult to read), this issue is not so. Why don't people comply with this simple rule.? because it's a rule

    Where has ''consideration for others" gone?

    Why don't they have a sign that says " We thank you for staying on the dog friendly part of the beach"?

    Positive reinforcement works all the time.

    If you see a dog and his owners on the correct end of the beach, the city council can give them a coupon that says
    "Thank you for complying to the City Council rules. This voucher entitles you to one free dog biscuit. Pick it up from the City Council"

    I mean... think outside the square... life isn't black and white.

    That's how I see it"

  • At 1:27 p.m., Blogger g said…

    quite a few councils do reward good attitude with "gifts", be it a dog roll, coupon etc. Problem is it doesnt stop the ignorant people from being bad owners at the end of the day, you shouldnt be upset by rules and regulations if the attitude and manner in which you would normally act anyway..
    plus if the council gives out freebies to all good dog owners then your rego cost will rise !after all someone has to pay..

  • At 2:17 p.m., Blogger Natalie said…

    Thanks G for commenting on my blog. I know at least one person is reading :)

    I didn't know that some councils offer rewards like this.

    Instead of the rewards coming out of council fees, why not pair it up with MasterPet Food, or some other food company. Not only would it bring them advertising but it could also be a theme for a dog week.

    "You've been caught being good" cards given to those dog owners "doing the right thing". They are directed to a website which there are a number of prizes to win by filling in a form, or something else. (I can't bring all my bright ideas here... )

    I can see this as a Dog Awareness Week or Month campaign which would tie in with dog education in general... in school, girls scouts, dog clubs,.. invite speakers or coordinate overseas speakers to this event.... like the likes of Ian Dunbar (who's coming to Chch in Fec 2010)
    Tie it in with "Bring your Dog to Work Day"

    Use google maps to locate those 'caught being good' and make sure that people are caught in all areas... Dunno.. there is a community out there that would love to be involved in something like this.

    This would probably be a first in the world !!

    Who'd pay to organise? Obviously it would be a full time job for a couple of event coordinators, but there are a lot of people out there who'd love to volunteer with something like this.


    One is only limited with limitations :)

    If the Council can pay over 2 million for a "rights" of naming a flower show, I'm sure that there would be some seed money for this!
    (pun intended)


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