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January 12, 2010

Dog owners face prosecution over attacks

The owners of two dogs that have been terrorising cats in Burwood face prosecution.

Christchurch City Council animal control officers had to ask for police help yesterday when they attempted to take the two dogs from a Parish St address.

Mark Vincent, the council's animal control team leader, said the dogs' owners "had not been co-operative" and had moved the animals.

The animal control officers had initially located the dogs after several vicious attacks that left one cat dead and several injured.

They had planned to remove the dogs as part of an investigation into the attacks.

A nearby resident, who declined to be named, was sitting in her lounge last Thursday night when she saw two dogs attack her cat.

"I heard a scream like I've never heard before, and I ran outside and saw two dogs," the resident said.

Eventually both dogs ran off, but with no sign of her cat, the woman searched the neighbourhood.

Three hours later, she found the cat had escaped up a tree. "I was in tears when I saw my cat," she said. MORE>>

thanks god for trees! works for bears too...

Owners like these give the breed and dog owners a bad name.


  • At 1:31 p.m., Blogger g said…

    and without dog control laws who would take action on this? one dog as it states was classified "menacing" by breed or by deed and so in this case the classification is surely justified!
    dogs chase cats, have done for hundreds of years.. its up to us as good pet owners to be responsible for our pets actions.


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