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January 05, 2010

Bluff or bust for tired cyclist

Midway through cycling the length of New Zealand, Grant Southam is "knackered".

Fortunately, he has a rest today as he crosses Cook Strait on the ferry. Mr Southam, who is raising money for the Mobility Dogs charity, cycled through Palmerston North on Saturday, on his long ride from Cafe Reinga to Bluff.

He told the Manawatu Standard that he had had a strong wind behind him from Wanganui to Palmerston North, but then had to turn into the wind to cycle to Foxton.

"I was going not much more than walking speed, in first gear," he said.


Mr Southam has raised about $1700 for Mobility Dogs so far.

It costs $25,000 to train up one dog.

Donations can be made through Mr Southam's website,

Apparently they were also on National TV.. great news for Mobility Dogs.

I'm teaching a dog who's owner is in a wheelchair. I can't quit remember why the owner can't qualify for a dog through Mobility Dogs (I suspect it's because the disease was from childhood and that it wasn't in adult life). This owner got lucky, the dog is so smart and focused. He has learned how to pick up objects from the ground, and with my help is now proceeding to open doors...

Yes, if you are in a wheelchair and can't wait for a trained dog through this organisation, there are ways you can train your own dog...


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