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December 04, 2009

Prison dog sniffs drugs through marmite

HASTINGS, New Zealand, Dec. 2 (UPI) -- New Zealand authorities said an attempt to hide cannabis in a rubber glove plastered in marmite was not enough to fool a prison drug-sniffing dog.

That''s pretty impressive for a dog!

Staff at Hawke's Bay Prison said its trained drug detecting dog, Narco, smelled the cannabis in a parcel addressed to a prisoner during a mail check last week, the Wellington Dominion Post reported Wednesday.

Prison manager George Massingham said 20 grams of cannabis was hidden inside the glove, which had been plastered in food spread marmite and shoved inside a running shoe.

This article is about the canine GREAT ability of scent discrimination, and I would surely like a wet nose if I'm lost in the great outdoors !!

"Our drug dogs are trained to detect certain odors down to parts per trillion, so it takes more than sandwich spread, however strong-smelling, to fool them," Massingham said.

One thing dog CAN'T smell is LSD... so I'm not sure why people don't smuggle that in (chuckle). Actually they probably are.. we don't hear about it because no one, no canine can detect it!

Massingham said the sender's details have been forwarded to police.

Doh! Surely one can't be THAT dumb!


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