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December 07, 2009

Man's body eaten by dog, inquest told

Police investigating the discovery of a decomposing body at a bush campsite were shocked to find most of the body had been devoured by a dog, a coroner's inquest in Greymouth has heard.

Coroner Richard McElrea said on Friday he would have dealt with the case in chambers but Douglas Arllington, a brother of the dead man, had concerns that warranted a public airing.

The remains of Charles Harold Arllington, 53, of Westport, were found on August 22 last year. A reclusive man, he had been living in a tent in dense bush near Westport.

When a farmhand, Joshua McDonald, got sick of Arllington's dog scavenging he went to the campsite to remonstrate with him – and instead discovered a collapsed tent and the remains of a body. MORE>>


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