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December 09, 2009

Fur flies in SPCA row over pet palace

The Wellington SPCA board has collapsed after a revolt led by former Telecom boss Theresa Gattung over funding for a $9 million Mt Victoria pet palace.

The move has raised fears the proposed animal shelter at the former Chest Hospital in Alexandra Rd will never be built.

Ms Gattung has withdrawn from her role as the project's fundraising co-ordinator and major financial supporters have frozen their contributions amid concerns over the escalating costs of the shelter.

She said vice-chairman Craig Shepherd and board member Margaret Doucas – the biggest individual donors to the SPCA last year – and one other member had resigned from the 11-person board.

Tensions came to a head on Monday at the board's annual meeting, which almost 100 people attended, where a vote of no confidence in the board was passed. A new board now has to be voted in. MORE>>


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