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December 03, 2009

Blind pair says Jetstar refused guide dog

A legally blind couple claims Jetstar refused to allow them to book to fly with their guide dog.

It is the latest complaint from disabled people levelled at Jetstar after Paralympian Kurt Fearnley last month said he felt humiliated dragging himself through Brisbane Airport when he was required to surrender his wheelchair for one from Jetstar.

Two weeks ago, Glen Bracegirdle, who is significantly visually impaired but manages without a guide dog, called Jetstar's call centre to book flights for himself and his partner, Kathryn Beaton.

Ms Beaton requires the assistance of Prince, a four-year-old black labrador guide dog.

He said he explained that they would need to fly with the guide dog, at which point the clerk told him: ''No dogs, no dogs, no dogs.''

When he attempted to explain that the dog was trained by Guide Dogs Victoria, the clerk refused to budge.

He said he was later cut off by a manager who became ''quite loud and angry''.

In subsequent exchanges with Jetstar's customer staff, one was unsure about carriage of seeing-eye dogs and the couple was offered a $50 voucher. But they said staff ''did not seem to grasp the seriousness of the situation''.

Mr Bracegirdle said the airline's action was more inexplicable given they had flown before with the dog on Jetstar.

They have now lodged a complaint with the Human Rights Commission. MORE>>


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