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November 08, 2009

Animal pound mistakenly kills dog before owner's return

A staff error at the Manukau animal pound saw a dog mistakenly put down before its owner was able to collect it.

Kaos, a sharpay cross belonging to Manurewa woman Michelle Griffiths, was impounded on September 17 and put down on September 25.

"I got a little handwritten card - they said they would hold her until the 26th," Miss Griffiths said.

"I went to the pound to pick my baby up and they said 'She was killed yesterday, sorry we got the kill date wrong'."


Mr Gillingwater said Kaos was originally impounded due to welfare issues, but Miss Griffiths believes the situation could have easily been avoided.

She said although Kaos was seized on grounds of abandonment, she had simply been at work and thought her pet was safe at home.

I wonder how they assessed this... If the dog is in the backyard, surely it's not abandonned. Another good reason for keeping your dog inside-- predators.

Christine Breen, a trustee of animal welfare group Chained Dog Awareness NZ, said the case showed that animal control staff had failed in their duty.

"Kaos definitely hadn't been abandoned. It would have been easy to find out that Michelle lived on the property."


  • At 8:40 a.m., Blogger apbta_inc said…

    That dog died because she was a Sharpei mix. Militant Manukau doesn't like the breed any better than they like Pit Bulls because of some of the sorts of people attracted to the breed and their incompetent/ignorant ownership practices.
    When are NZ's councils going to come out of the dark ages and embrace best practice which is no-kill shelters? There is no excuse for euthanasia once you study the successful strategies of no-kill shelters in the USA.
    The focus should be on low/no cost spay/neuter programmes and properly managed and promoted adoptathons.

  • At 1:20 p.m., Blogger g said…

    why would you leave your much loved dog in the pound for 8 days anyway?? legally they only had to hold it til the 25th ...
    simply there are more unwanted dogs and cats than adopters.. and who pays to keep them in no-kill shelters?? dont see the public donating huge sums to current animal charities so thy aint gonna do that...


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