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October 02, 2009

Fed Farmers dairy boss responds to mistreatment reports

Federated Farmers Dairy chairman Lachlan McKenzie writes on recent reports of mistreatment of animals on a NZ dairy farm:

Over recent days I have seen some of the saddest images in my farming career. Dozens of seemingly dehydrated calves is not what farming is about. There is justifiable public revulsion about what appears to be unacceptably bad practice.

If you think I am evasive by using 'appears' and 'seemingly', it's reflective of a matter under active investigation. Farming is not these images. Any right to farm animals carries with it heavy ethical obligations towards these animals.

While Britain may be considered a country of dog lovers, New Zealand is a country of farmers. It forms an indelible part of our identity, even for those with no direct connection to farming.

Now that comment in bold is probably why the British can take their dogs anywhere-- buses, trains, restaurants. I wonder if in New Zealand, we can do the same for our cows ?! (har har)

Good farmers, thankfully the overwhelming majority of us, do not take animals for granted. It doesn't matter if an animal is alive for a few days or for longer, we farmers have an absolute duty of care to ensure they are treated humanely and ethically. MORE>>


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