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October 19, 2009

Ex-SPCA staff fear policy dooms pets

Former Waikato SPCA workers and volunteers claim a new policy will see the organisation put down more abused and distressed animals.

They say they are also worried that inexperienced staff at the organisation will not cope with the busy upcoming "kitten season".

Both allegations have been rejected by the SPCA's chief executive, Liz Hunter, who put them down to "disgruntled" former employees.

Former SPCA receptionist Emma Joines fears new assessment policies brought in by Mrs Hunter will raise the number of animals put down.

She said Mrs Hunter, formerly the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants midland region manager, did not understand the role of the SPCA as a charitable organisation and had introduced a corporate culture which was not benefiting the animals.

All but one of the eight staff she worked with last year were no longer employed at the SPCA, Ms Joines said. Inexperienced staff with little training might not be able to distinguish simple ailments from serious ones. They were also unsuitable to work with traumatised animals.



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