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October 12, 2009

Editorial: Time to look at all aspects of dog laws


A complete review is bound to encompass two other contentious areas - the banning of some breeds and microchipping. Both of these contain elements of the muddled thinking referred to by the minister. It was never clear how embedding identifying microchips between dogs' shoulder blades would avert attacks or, indeed, solve any problem other than uniting lost dogs with their owners. The review will surely find that, because they are not serving their intended purpose, they cannot be providing value for money.

Extending the list of banned breeds was touted by the previous Government. It overlooks the fact that dogs of any breed are capable of attacking people if they are not trained well or are mistreated by their owners. Additionally, experience overseas points to the problems of breed identification that arise. The whole approach smacks of the simplicity that mars the existing legislation. More usefully, the review could consider other over-reaching aspects of that law, including fencing requirements that dictate unobstructed access to at least one door. Clear warnings should, indeed, provide sufficient notice to people entering private property.



  • At 1:41 p.m., Blogger g said…

    good article but again i can re-iterate that microchipping allows the 100% identification of a dog and its owner. I have personally traced attacking dogs this way and despite the owners denial it was his dog that was shot by the police while rampaging through a paddock of sheep, we were able to prove the case through his signature on a microchip form two years previous! so i would agree review is needed and would welcome the adoption of a similar uk/parts of australia system where Animal control is 100% rate payer funded, all cats regd too,and all animals canine and feline are microchipped at once-in a-lifetime rego. then any animal picked up that isnt chipped . simply isnt owned and can be rehomed immediately as the person who had it isnt resposible enough in the first place!


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