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October 15, 2009

Bob Kerridge: Minister Hide barking up right tree with review of dog laws

When I invited Rodney Hide to address our 20th NZ Companion Animal Conference on dog control in his capacity as the Minister of Local Government, I knew we were likely to be enlightened by a politician who is both knowledgeable and has no problem in speaking his mind.

No one was disappointed.

Mr Hide outlined his plan for a "first principles" review of the dog laws unfettered by instances of savage attacks and the resultant public outcry that were responsible for some earlier "muddled" legislation, a point applauded by a Herald editorial.


The minister was also concerned about microchipping - not the principle of it as an ideal tool for reuniting dogs with their owners, but of the behind-the-scenes dog database which is simply not doing the job of retrieval because of its lack of accessibility to those who need it.

There is a simple commercial remedy to that on which the minister will soon be fully enlightened.

Of greatest comfort to me is Mr Hide's view of focusing the responsibilities of dog ownership on the owners, without unduly impacting on their enjoyment of ownership, while directly targeting those who are irresponsible.

Here, following the clear support of the conference delegates, the minister is open-minded to the possibility of licensing owners rather than their dogs.



Very nice article Bob.. and explains what went on in the room as her was there, like I was.


  • At 1:22 p.m., Blogger g said…

    Do the SPCA envisage themselves administering their proposed "owner licensing" ? if not who is doing it and who pays for it?? dog owners again i think!!


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