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December 05, 2008

Pit bull a 'loaded shotgun'

A man who left his pit bull unrestrained like a "loaded shotgun" is facing a possible jail sentence after the dog savaged an occupational therapist on a house visit.

The attack happened when the occupational therapist went to Kenrick's house at Pakipaki, south of Hastings, on August 27 to treat Kenrick's mother.

The woman had been to the house before and had never noticed a dog. She knocked on the door several times then shouted to her patient, but received no response.

She walked to the side of the property. As she went through an open gate, a black medium-sized pit bull terrier ran at her from the back of the property.

The dog bit her many times on her left elbow, left thigh and calf, and right index finger, inflicting serious wounds.


Kenrick's lawyer, Richard Stone, said there was a sign on the property warning visitors about the dog, which was usually kept behind two gates.

If you have a dog that has attacked like this before, and it's not restrained.... then the fault lies with the owner. It appears that the owner did know about his dog's behavioural history, and therefore should have done the right thing way before this happened.

If you have a backyard, and you don't want people to go that way, LOCK the gate door!! helps keeps the burglars away too.


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