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August 18, 2008

Farewell to a faithful guide dog

She would walk her young master to school each morning, wait in a basket in a classroom before guiding him back home in the afternoon.

She was as well known for her friendly, eager-to-please nature, as much as her master's matter-of-fact outlook – they were always a team.

Now she is only a memory of faithfulness and love to a young man whose life is challenged by blindness.

Ming Ming Edgar, now 18, said goodbye to his faithful friend and guide of the past seven years, eleven-year-old golden Labrador-Retriever cross, Hannie.

After a battle with cancer the gentle canine was put to sleep in front of the fire at the teenager's home, while he placed his hands on her side.

Hannie was five years old when she came to Dargaville as a guide dog for Ming Ming.MORE>>


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