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August 01, 2008

Busta barking mad after storms

He has been on anti-depressants since last year's tornadoes left him shell-shocked - but nothing seems to be helping six-year-old fox terrier Busta Cleary recover from his fear of storms.

I'd like to know what they mean by 'nothing seems to work'. What exactly did they try?

When rain drums on the tin roof of his New Plymouth home, or thunder and lightning strike, Busta - usually a confident and lively dog - turns to custard.

His owners have borne the brunt of Busta's blubbering, winding up in bed with a hairy, hyperventilating, dribbling, shivering wee mess until well after the weather has cleared.

Busta's mum Heidy Cleary said Busta didn't bat an eyelid over anything blustery before last July but they were now paying $50 a month to keep him on Chlomacalm, a canine version of Prozac.


While Busta whines and sweats, the rest of the family have to pretend there is nothing wrong. Otherwise Busta may think he is being rewarded for his "naughty" behaviour.

There are CDs designed to train dogs who have irrational fears and Mrs Cleary and her family will look in to them once the Chlomacalm has kicked in.

But haven't they been using it for a year... I mean, when is it suppose to 'kick in'??

For now, however, poor Busta has to get through the turbulent winter - fingers crossed the drugs will soon have him back to his old tricks.

There are ways of treating it. I do know that some natural remedies help, but training is important. It's like taking antidepressants without going to see a councillor.


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