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July 01, 2008

SDC inaction frustrates farmer

An Otapiri farmer has hit out at the Southland District Council for what he sees as a lack of action over a series of dog attacks that have decimated his sheep flock.

Roger Stevens has lost more than 30 sheep in three attacks since April 15, with many more of his stock left injured.

With stock losses from the attacks totalling more than $2500, including a prime ram worth about $800, Mr Stevens has had a gutsful.

I surely would too !!

(...) He believed the dog responsible came from a neighbouring property.

Repeated calls to the Southland District Council had brought promises of a trap to catch the dog or dogs responsible, but so far that trap had not eventuated.

"They promised me the trap over the weekend," Mr Stevens said.

"If we'd had it (the trap) we could've caught the bloody thing." Mr Stevens said the council had told him that two traps were available for Southland but one was out of action awaiting repairs.


d spoken to Mr Stevens about the situation and explained that the traps were being used.

"We can't go in there guns blazing without knowing where the dog is coming from." However, he said a trap was likely to be delivered to Mr Stevens' property yesterday afternoon.

I hope we hear the outcome...


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