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June 24, 2008

Twice bitten but Daniel won't stay shy of dogs

A Naenae Intermediate pupil is being hailed a hero after he put himself between a dog and two girls it was attacking.

Nice to see that boys are still boys, protecting us females.. I say that in the nicest way..

Daniel Kirkwood, 12, suffered bites to both arms and a nip to his leg.

Naenae Community Constable Russ Kalivati says that kids had been patting the dog on their way to school last Friday. It followed them down towards Naenae subway, where it appears it became frightened and agitated by all the people rushing to work and school. Constable Kalivati says it bit an adult then bailed up two girls, one of whom ended up with scratches and bruising on her back.


Constable Kalivati praised Daniel's bravery and decision to do what he could when others passed by. However, he didn't want people to get the impression Naenae was plagued by aggressive dogs. He says in three years as community constable there, this is the first dog biting incident he's dealt with.

ya, that's what happens in the media.. you get a journalist wanting a good story, and in there seems to be the message that dogs are bad, and they are everywhere.

Just remember there were 60 000 dogs today that haven't attacked a soul!


  • At 3:26 p.m., Blogger llew said…

    And the dog? Was it impounded? Sentenced to death? etc.

    After all, that one that attacked an ambulance officer was given the benefit of the doubt wasn't it?


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