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June 06, 2008

Trained guard dog savages toddler

A pitbull dog which savaged a two-year-old boy in west Auckland yesterday had been trained as an aggressive guard dog, animal control officers said today.

That's because in that part of town, people fear their neighbours. because of the drug war, and these are some of its consequences.


Mr Wells said animal control officers needed two catch poles to restrain the dog at its Te Atatu home.

It was so aggressive one of the strong aluminium poles bent as the dog was put into a cage.

How can anyone want to live with this animal.. I hope the dog owners are prosecuted, and sent to jail, because it was used as a potential weapon.


Mr Wells said the dog was chained up when the toddler wandered into its area.

"A child of that age should never be left unsupervised with any dog."

yes, I agree, and especially with that dog.

He said the dog could never be trusted again. No shit!



The owner of a pitbull dog which savaged an Auckland toddler last week will not be charged, police said today.

The pitbull, owned by the child's father, was chained up in the family yard in Henderson when the two-year-old boy wandered in on Thursday. MORE>>



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