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June 30, 2008

New take on doggie paddle

Celia-boo leaps at the chance for a dip at the Doggie Day Out at H2O Xtream public pool yesterday.

Hundreds of dogs and their owners attended the fundraiser for Upper Hutt Animal Rescue, on the last day before the pool closes for three months.

Events included swimming races, bombing competitions and fancy dress parades.

The crowd was wowed by demonstrations by the Upper Hutt Dog Training School and A Grade Animals Action Ltd.

Celia-Boo's owner, nine-year-old Russell Johnson of Upper Hutt, said the Jack Russell terrier taught herself to swim in the Hutt River "because she didn't want to be left behind".

I can tell you that that swimming pool is the best one in the country, in my opinion. Their wave pool is fantastic... QEII in Chch fails in comparison !!

I'm glad to see the community behind such great events!


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