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June 11, 2008

Dog control staff want licence to kill

This is the same powers that the cops want (and will have) for domestic violence. Police to issue instant domestic abuse orders

This type of 'power' only works if you trust the people who have the power. If you don't trust dog control officers... (check the past complaints about them
HERE ) then this law would be a bad law.

People mis-trust cops, and given them even MORE power... well....

A group representing animal control officers has asked Parliament for more power to seize and destroy aggressive dogs before they actually attack, saying officers generally know which dogs are heading for danger but have few powers to act.

In a submission on the Dog Control Amendment Bill, the president of the Institute of Animal Control Officers, John Payne, said officers were largely "hamstrung" from dealing with dogs they knew were heading for danger.

Although the bill did not cover this area, he said further changes were needed to dog control laws and asked the committee to consider it.



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