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June 10, 2008

Dog breed banning not the answer, committee hears

Animal control officers today argued against legislation banning specific dog breeds, saying even a labrador can be dangerous in the wrong hands.

A parliamentary select committee is hearing submissions on the Dog Control Amendment Bill (No 2) which makes it mandatory for dogs classified as menacing, because they are of a certain breed or type, to be neutered.

The bill also simplifies the process for adding breeds or types to dog control legislation.

A schedule to the legislation lists breeds or types of dogs that may not be imported into New Zealand, and if already here are subject to muzzling when at large.


Mrs Shand said banning dog breeds would not stop the number of attacks or dog bites.

"All dogs bite and to my knowledge, since records have been taken, there have been less than 10 people killed in New Zealand due to dog bites and not one of these has been caused by a dog of the same breed and mostly have been caused by crossbred dogs or mongrels," she said.

Well the Dutch are SCRAPPING the ban on dogs READ BELOW

Dutch Agriculture Minister scraps pit bull ban 11/06/2008 00:00

The 1993 ban on owning pit bull terriers was imposed after three children were bitten to death by the dogs.

11 June 2008

THE NETHERLANDS - Dutch Agriculture Minister Gerda Verburg has announced she will scrap the ban on owning and breeding pit bull terriers and related breeds.

The ban was introduced in 1993 after three children were bitten to death by pit bull terriers. The ban allowed police to seize dogs and have them put down purely on the basis of their appearance.

The minister has decided to scrap the ban because it has not led to a reduction in the number of biting incidents.

Verburg wants to introduce a new measure in which dogs are judged by their behaviour rather than breed. She also wants to increase the information provided to dog owners.


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