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June 19, 2008

Council directive: No dogs at the rugby

A dog attack at a Feilding junior rugby match has led to portable dog banning signs being distributed to sports organisers.

The Manawatu District Council signs, which warn dog owners to keep their dogs away from playing fields, will be pegged into the ground before sporting fixtures at Victoria, Timona, Johnston and Kowhai parks.

The attack - which occurred earlier this month - involved a dog biting the wrist of a Feilding under- 12s rugby coach who was running up the sideline.

The coach required medical treatment and had to take time off work.MORE>>

Sad when the actions of one dog owner affects the whole community.


  • At 5:53 a.m., Anonymous RG PetComm said…

    Here are some suggestions if approached by an aggressive dog:

    * Don’t make direct hard eye contact. Body language counts
    * Turn sideways, giving a calming signal. DO NOT RUN.
    * Keep your arms and hands down and tight by your side

    The following defensive tools may work on some dogs:

    * Air horn
    * Where legal, pepper spray
    * Direct Stop is a Citronella spray (available at PetSmart and PetCo
    * Defendabrella - a small tote umbrella to suddenly pop open to scare the dog
    * Having a “sacraficial” garment (old shirt, sweater) around your waist to offer up to the dog instead of you.
    * Always carry your cell phone and call for help if you can.

    Good Dog !!


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