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May 11, 2008

Poisoned sausage sickens dog owner

A man whose dog ate part of a poisoned sausage at a Blockhouse Bay park is afraid it could be a child next time.

Mike Fish was walking his dog Roxy at Craigavon Park last Saturday morning when the wheaten terrier discovered the sausage.

"I told her to drop it and she left it, but she went back and bit the end off it. I picked it up and it was blue inside."

Suspecting the blue substance to be rat poison, Mr Fish rushed Roxy to the vet, who confirmed it was either poison or slug pellets.

He gave Roxy tablets that made her vomit up the offending sausage and she was fine.

But he is concerned the next victim could be human. MORE>>

A very good reason for training your dog to only eat from his/her bowl and to 'leave it' when told.


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