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May 07, 2008

Dumped mutt turns into rescue ace

A Reefton mongrel rescued from the pound has defied the odds and qualified as a top search and rescue dog.

Steff, a three-year-old bull terrier-border collie cross, was dumped at the pound two years ago.

However, she was rescued by Geoffrey Collis and his wife, Sally, who is a dog ranger.

"This guy arrived and said she had behavioural problems and he wanted her put down because she was aggressive and so forth. He tied her to a tree, and left her there," Geoffrey Collis said.

The pair thought Steff was too nice a dog to destroy and decided to try to rehabilitate her.

"I could not go near her. I had to lie on the ground beside her for two days just out of reach. She had just not been around people before." MORE>>


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