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May 07, 2008

Dog review provokes hot debate

An Auckland City Council committee set up to review dog bylaws is weighted in favour of dog owners, says a critic.


Mr Watkins said a hearing into Tahuna Torea a couple of years ago had won the case for keeping the bird sanctuary dog free, but now it was up for grabs again.

"The last hearing was bitterly fought ... the dog lobby group is strong and well organised."

Mr Watkins said that because Tahuna Torea was a reserve, and home to a range of birdlife including godwits, it should be spared such uncertainty.


Dr Casey could not be reached for comment but Ms Millar told the Herald she had been misquoted in the local community paper in the eastern bays which had created a false perception she was biased in favour of dog owners.

Ms Millar confirmed she owned a dog but had been so impartial in the past that she had been accused of not understanding what it would be like to be a dog owner. "I've been screamed at by both sides."

The city councillor was confident she could do her job impartially.

Sam Lotu-Iiga, chairman of the committee, said he did not own a dog and had confidence in the ability of the committee to do its job. "I don't believe there's any bias."

There is ALWAYS bias... in anything. We're humans, not rocks!

The Auckland City Council had received 195 submissions on the dogs' review bylaw by the close-off date last Friday. The dog bylaw had attracted the most comment to date of all bylaws under review. That's a lot of people wanting and having their say. Good on them for writing in!


The council's general manager city development John Duthie said dog ownership was not regarded as a vested interest and the council was happy with the impartiality of the councillors reviewing the dog bylaw.


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