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May 31, 2008

At least Lily the dog's not sick

Kenny Harris' dog Lily is fine - but the rest of his family have struggled with cancer, multiple sclerosis and hip problems during his four months in hospital.

He has been in good company at Hutt Hospital - his girlfriend, Riki-Marie Best, was admitted to the same ward a couple of weeks after him and is believed to have multiple sclerosis. She expects to be able to leave this week and join him and dog Lily, who has been regularly visiting the hospital, at home.

Meanwhile, Mrs Young has been suffering from cancer for about two years and his father, Gary, is recovering from a hip replacement. His grandmother has bladder cancer and his aunt recently had a stroke.

"I tell people `Don't become a member of our family'," Mrs Young said.

Her husband joked: "The dog's fine." MORE>>


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