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April 10, 2008

Victim fights for death-row dogs

Two Havelock North dogs are on death row after killing two pet rabbits - but the rabbits' owner is urging the council to spare them.

Hana Tangohau's mixed-breed dogs, Rhyme, and Rhyme's eight-month-old pup Whirl, escaped from her property on the morning of February 15 when a closed gate was left open.

The dogs crossed the road and killed two pet rabbits. A third rabbit disappeared. Smart rabbit! As a kid, when I had rabbit in a cage in my backyard, I had a nightmare (which I can still remember) in which the Lab from across the road came and had my rabbit in his mouth. As I remember, with its head right in its mouth. I saw this, and pull rabbit out of its mouth. Then I woke up. So what does THAT mean?

The rest of the article demonstrate how stupid, how dumb our council laws are OR our city council workers. They say 'we're just doing our job, just like the people closing 'those' doors in Germany.

Don't council workers have a brain?! Can't they bend the rules ?! Look how much the council is getting from all this. I'm glad this made the news!


Ms Tangohau said the officer told her she would need to sign a form allowing him to destroy the dogs.

"I asked him when and where did the attack happen, but he told me it was confidential.

"I said, `Can't we talk about this? Can't I apologise to the person and pay them for the damage?' He said, `No, they don't want anything from you'." this is the lie!! read further

Ms Tangohau eventually established the rabbits' owner was Helen Kiwara, who lived across the road.

On March 26 Ms Tangohau visited Ms Kiwara and asked whether the matter could be sorted out without going to court. She paid Ms Kiwara an undisclosed sum in compensation.

Ms Kiwara was surprised by what Ms Tangohau had been told by the animal control officer, as all she wanted was an apology, an offer of compensation and an assurance the dogs would not be free to roam again.

Ms Kiwara contacted the council and asked that the charges be withdrawn.

"I am angry they [the dogs] killed my rabbits, as I loved them dearly. But I should have been informed of Ms Tangohau's offer and been able to make a decision then. When you take decisions like this out of people's hand... NO WONDER we have disrespect for law and order! Are you going to ring council next time you see a dog roaming... especially when you see it has its tags and all you want is for the dog to go home (which bypassing The Pound!)

"Having spoken to Ms Tangohau, I am more than happy with her sincere apology and her explanation. I think the charges should be dropped."

But the council would not drop the charges and wants to destroy the dogs.

Community safety manager Malcolm Hart would not comment when contacted by The Dominion Post yesterday.

Since the attack Rhyme and Whirl have been held in the council's dog pound at a cost of $10.50 each a day to Ms Tangohau.

What do YOU think ?!?


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