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April 14, 2008

Trade Me ad for starving dog lands owner in court

Debbie Hotene should never have advertised her dog for sale on Trade Me, and certainly should not have said in the ad that it had been neglected for six months.

The sale landed her in court and cost her almost $450.The Trade Me purchaser of Hooch, a Neapolitan Mastiff, immediately called in the SPCA.

Inspector Vicki Border found Hooch had a body score of two out of nine, meaning it was so thin its ribs and spine were clearly visible. The animal's weight of 39kg should have been between 50 and 60 kg and it had other heath issues.

In Manukau District Court on Friday Hotene, who lives in Manukau, south Auckland, pleaded guilty to failing to provide sufficient food and vet treatment.She was convicted and ordered to pay reparations to the SPCA of $444.



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