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April 01, 2008

Dogs rescue woman hurt in fall

An Upper Hutt woman survived a fall on to rocks and a night in the open before passing dogs found her.

The woman, 44, slipped and fell below the Bridge Rd reservoir, north of Upper Hutt, after heading to the dam for a walk late on Sunday. She spent all night lying semi-conscious on cold rocks before being found.

Birchville resident Linda Fowler was jogging at 7.30am yesterday when her purebred Staffordshire bull terriers, Amba and Bugsy, veered off the track. Miss Fowler kept running but the persistent howls of her dogs led her back. "I kept calling them but they wouldn't come. They just stayed there."

(...)"She had been lying virtually under a waterfall all night. It's extremely lucky that she didn't perish and that the dogs found her when they did."


Isn't this a great story, especially giving Staffies a good name !! as it says in the article


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