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Reviewing the dog news in New Zealand with editors comments. Someone needs to keep reviewing how our dogs are doing in society.

May 15, 2006

Woman devastated over pet's death

Troye Evans was sitting alone in her house truck yesterday, crying as she described how her closest companion was killed in a vicious dog attack just hours before.

As her little Pappillon Maddy lay injured on the ground, the owner of the other dog said he would go phone a vet, but never did.

Ms Evans said she is angry at the man for abandoning her and he and his dog need to be tracked down. "I just feel that he's not a responsible dog owner. It won't be the last time it attacks another animal.

"I would like to see the owner of that dog found and the dog muzzled before it destroys someone else's dog and someone else's life." She said the owner of the german shepherd was a tall, caucasian, elderly man wearing a hat and earmuffs.

Ms Evans had owned Maddy for nearly three years and said life will be lonely without her. I know how she feels... I just can't imagine living without my dog.


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