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May 04, 2006

Rescue dog sees more

The dog that found a body crushed under a tree within minutes, after the man's family had searched for hours, was part of a display by police dog teams yesterday at College Street Normal School.

Brik and two other dogs were taken to the school by their handlers to show what they are capable of. Brik is a search-and-rescue dog and was pivotal in finding the body of a man killed while chopping a tree for firewood on a Linton farm last month.

Officer in charge of the police dog-handling unit at Palmerston North, Paul George, said the man was completely covered by the tree and his family had spent six hours looking for him around the area where he had been working. "They had been searching for hours and they called us at about 10.30 at night and Brik found him within 10 minutes."

Brik's calm temperament –makes him good for search and rescue. Other, more aggressive dogs are more suited to the armed offenders squad. Brik and handler Dean Harker are part of the six-person dog team in Palmerston North.

The dogs average 20 to 25 jobs a week, including rescues, tracking and control work.
Dogs are trained from puppies, live with the handler and their families and usually have a career with the police until they are eight years old and get a bit slow for the job.


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