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May 08, 2006

Protests planned over dog chipping

Federated Farmers will stage a series of protests against microchipping of farm dogs around New Zealand over the next two months. Tim Cronshaw reports. Farmers have been heartened by political parties being divided on the issue, although an impasse seems unlikely to be broken at this stage.

(...) We only need United Future to change their stance from an exemption for farm dogs to no microchipping at all, and then we will have National, ACT, the Maori Party, Greens and United Future, and potentially New Zealand First, all on the same songsheet. We have always been optimistic that common sense will prevail."

However, New Zealand First appears to be pro-microchipping as is Labour.
An amendment bill by Green Party leader Jeanette Fitzsimons, drawn in a ballot yesterday, supports only menacing dogs to be microchipped, while among the proposed amendments which may yet be included are an attempt by National MP David Carter to scrap microchipping.

Good'on the Greens to take a stand. Either all dogs are dangerous and 'need' supposed microchipping, or none.

United Future has backed microchipping, but wants farm dogs to be exempted, which has failed to gain the support of the Greens.


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