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May 12, 2006

Howl over dog chips

Farmers will unleash a howl of protest at the National Sheep Dog Trials in Omarama on June 2 against the compulsory microchipping of all dogs.

At a given signal, as many as 300 dogs and their trialist and farmer owners will bark up a storm to try to overturn microchipping laws under amendment.

The Dog's Breakfast protest is being backed by Federated Farmers and the New Zealand Sheep Dog Trial Association.

(...)This loss of registration revenue explains why some councils were reluctant to police the law.
"It would be more effective to remove the dangerous breeds and the unregistered dogs that are roaming around," he said. "A lot of the problems are from unregistered dogs, and they will not be microchipped anyway."

(...) Microchipping would discourage the owners of dangerous dogs from registering their animals, making it more difficult to identify the owners of dogs that attack.

The logic in expecting microchips to stop dogs from biting was weird, he said. "How about chipping all babies to prevent rape, murder and mayhem, because if a dog chip stops a dog from biting, then a chip will surely prevent a person from attacking."
Oliver said he was unaware of any vicious attack on a child by a farm dog, and dog bites were limited to people breaking up a dog fight or helping a dog that had got itself tangled in a fence or was in trouble.

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