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May 05, 2006

Dog owner reassured over barking worries

Taupo woman worried her dog could be put down for excessive barking, has been reassured that there are plenty of steps which can be taken to help reduce any problem.

Look on and you'll find some really good advice

Patricia Keelan was bewildered over two complaints to Taupo dog control officers saying her jack russell terrier, three-year-old Nash, barks too much. He certainly did raise the alarm when the Times went to visit, but settled down once formalities were over and we were seated in the lounge. Taupo dog control officer Cherry Hewitt confirmed two complaints had been received, one in March and a second anonymous call on Sunday afternoon.

The problem with 'anonymous calls' and the impact it has is really quite under-stated. I mean, someone could complain about your dog (ie a neighbour that always wanted to get back at you)and you really don't have the right to defend your self. Not only this, but it affects your 'Good DOg Onwership' status with your City Council.

Mrs Keelan, her children aged 14 and 21, Nash, and the family cat have not long been in their Kaka St flat. Nash has a big, well-fenced yard, a kennel outside, but he sleeps indoors in the laundry. He has been registered every year, and Mrs Keelan gets a reduced registration fee because the layout ensures he is kept secure.

Usually barking has to be loud and continuous to warrant taking any action and sometimes assessing that can be difficult, Mrs Hewitt says.

"We have to find out how big a problem it is with all the neighbours."
Officers would survey all the neighbours to see whether they had concerns.
"But there just haven't been the complaints in this case," she said.

There are a range of options an owner can take to stop a dog barking too much, Mrs Hewitt says. But she adds it was not an easy problem to solve and it does take time.


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