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May 05, 2006

Dog of an idea

That good intentions can too easily create a dog's breakfast is being shown by the row over canine microchipping, writes The Press in an editorial.

This could only have worked if it could be guaranteed that working dogs never left the farm – and it could not. Besides, it would make no sense at all for a national database to be set up but then exclude certain dogs, so the focus of the debate has rightly shifted to the mandatory microchipping regime itself.

The key issue is not the cost to owners or councils but the fact that it would not work. (...) There should be tough controls targeted at dangerous dogs or even breeds, but microchipping should remain voluntary, not made mandatory. Unfortunately National, the Greens, ACT and the Maori Party are unlikely to muster the numbers to axe this dog of an idea.

And Dunne (or like I refer to him, Dunny) would never support the Greens for an idea of theirs, would he? A Family Party?!? doh!

CCC backs exemption for farm dogs on chips 05 May 2006

Christchurch City councillors have voted to exclude farm dogs from the controversial microchipping legislation.

The legislation, which requires all dogs registered after July 1 to be microchipped, has divided Parliament, but South Island councils are now united in their bid to exclude farm dogs.

Are they hypocritical, or what?! they should exclude ALL dogs!! not just farm dogs. My dog, for example, has never ever bitten anyone. And he's not even microchipped. We just worked hard at giving him dog manners.

Children read to him! Kids and parents love the "little wolf that lives under him" story (which relates to his natural markings). Holmes, my dog, is the Snoopy of all Snoopy's!!


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