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May 12, 2006

Dog control unleashed

Dog-control officers are on the prowl in Palmerston North. That's against the law... being on the prowl. That's a $500 fine.

They are targeting dog owners who don't pick up their doggy's doo and will be taking a zero tolerance approach. Oh watch out !!

The worst areas in the city have been identified (How'd they do that? count the shit packs around? ) and the officers will be out and about day and night, head of animal and parking services Peter Broughton said. Isn't there a better way of spending your day !?

He wouldn't reveal which areas will be targeted, but anyone found not scooping the poop will cop an instant fine of $300. That's expensive shit!

"Our guys came across a young fella whose dog had done his business on the footpath. Teach your dog to go in the bush!! "He only lived down the road, so he rushed home and got a plastic bag. "They (officers) waited for him to do that." The young man managed to avoid a fine because he removed the evidence, but some people flat-out refuse, and they are the people the council is after, Mr Broughton said.
(...) You'd think that council would give free bags with all their registration money they part with. Hey, maybe microchipping will identify the owner of the excrament??

Doggy doo is a problem in the city, especially near schools, he said. Ya gotta think about the kids!!

"No one likes standing in it." Can we get the ducks to shit in the water please... pls fine them too!

He said that if the council has a hard policy, the message will get through. There's a heavy-handed approach to speeding, and I don't see the numbers being reduced!

"Please pick up after your dog." Ducks, are you listening !!


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