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May 16, 2006

Debarking for kennel licence bid raises concern

A Hope dog breeder has had the vocal cords removed from 15 of her dogs to help her get a kennel licence.

But the "debarking" has been slammed by veterinarians and the Nelson SPCA, and failed to sway opponents to support her application.

Kevin and Roz Cooper applied for a dog kennel licence from the Tasman District Council after the council received complaints about excessive barking from the Cooper's Paton Rd property. Their application drew six opposing submissions and one in support.


Council dog control officer John Bergman, who found up to 30 dogs on the property in January, said Mrs Cooper was a good dog owner but he would be "very reluctant" to grant the licence.
"I don't think you can have 36 dogs on that property and not cause grief to people living close by."
He also had reservations about debarking. "I don't like it. It's abhorrent."

"A dog barks for a whole range of reasons. Debarking is something that should be done only in circumstances that could result in the animal being euthanased. It is not something that should be done as a matter of course."
Former SPCA animal shelter manager and dog breeder Cherie Palmer said she had spent many weekends at the property and was surprised to hear of noise complaints about the Cooper's dogs.
She said she knew several breeders who debarked their dogs.


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