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May 16, 2006

Beloved missing pets come home

It was the perfect Mother's Day present for Queensberry woman Judith Ashmore. Her two beloved boxer dogs, missing for 11 days, came home on Sunday. HEY! the dogs didn't even need to be radio'ed in through their microchip!! How's that for non-technical dogs!!

"It's just indescribable how I feel. It's just been hellish, because they're our family." (...)

A white ute had been seen parked outside her house and Mrs Ashmore believed the dogs may have been mistaken for hunting dogs and stolen.

"But they're not hunting dogs, they're house dogs," she said.
It was not usual for the dogs to run away, so she believed someone had taken them. Despite two sightings of the dogs during the past 11 days, they had remained missing and Mrs Ashmore resigned herself to the fact she would never see them again.
However, all that changed on Sunday, after her husband, Colin, spotted them roaming in the hills surrounding their own property. MORE>>


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