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Reviewing the dog news in New Zealand with editors comments. Someone needs to keep reviewing how our dogs are doing in society.

April 28, 2006

Wow... look at all the negative stories about dogs...

These stories are all in the NZ Herald of late. And you wonder how anyone would want a dog as a dog guide, a hearing dog, a search and rescue dog, and/or a pet dog. I mean, you'd think that they were the most vicious animals alive, and we should shoot them all...

This is the media's way of turning dogs into monsters. How dare they!

Why council didn't prosecute attack dog's owner ›› Waitakere's dog control chief is defending a decision not to prosecute the owner of a pitbull terrier cross which attacked a 10-year-old girl last Thursday. Sree V Nair received seven stitches to her hand after the attack by the unleashed dog in Te Atatu Peninsula. Its owner took it into hiding but later surrendered it for destruction when council officials and police called with a search warrant....

Dog attacks leave 35 sheep dead on regional park farm ››

Flesh 'literally dangling' from girl, 10, after dog attack ››

Garth George: Forced to take the dog out for an exercise in futility ›› [P]

Editorial: Forget this nonsense, for all dogs ›› [P]

Dangerous dogs face bullet ››

Babies more at risk of dog bites ››

Hinemoa Elder's dogs put down ››

Pack of dogs attack pre-schoolers and teacher ››

Dog pack mauls preschoolers ››

Nine-year-old mauled by pit bull in Kaikohe ››

Woman savaged by two dogs ››

Dog-bite victim cheerful ››

Boy in hospital after attack by dogs ››

Christchurch dog attacks down ››

Man mauled by his three pit bull terriers ››

Pitbull Boris guilty of car-nage ››

Attack dog could be fixated on tyres ››

Patrols fail to find dog ››

Dog attacks woman ››

Dog owners to pay for attacks ››

Toddler mauled by dog ››

Biting dogs put down ››

Dogs terrorise residents and kill cat ››

Dogs seized after serious attack on woman ››


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