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April 18, 2006

WDC puts brakes on microchipping data

Rising costs have led the Whangarei District Council to stop gathering information for the new system of microchipping dogs.
At a recent Whangarei District Council meeting deputy mayor Phil Halse called for the council to suspend any work on microchipping dogs until the council gets further clarification on the legislation.

Cr Halse said he was concerned the council was paying for all the work to have data on dogs sent to Internal Affairs and that it was another example of central government passing on costs to local government.

Corporate services manager Alistair Drake told the council that contractors doing the work were not charging the council extra, but the council had to upgrade its computer software to link with Internal Affairs.


they have to upgrade their system... WHAT? with SECURITY measures?? How can we be certain that our private information is actually kept safe in the council's computer system??

_Another council not giving in_________________________

Council will not offer microchip system
19 April 2006

Waimate District Council is preparing a petition for the Government that working farm dogs be exempt from microchipping laws.
In the meantime, the council has decided it will not be offering a microchipping service when the act becomes law on July 1.

Cr Anne Townend said before the council decided whether or not they will enforce dog chipping they needed to continue to lobby the government for an exemption.

"The bill is being passed but we still have time to lobby the Government to make an amendment to the act." MORE>>

Cr Peter Foley questioned what the continual debating of the dog chipping law had cost the ratepayer, especially after it sought a legal opinion on the legality of ignoring the act.


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