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April 01, 2006

Softly softly on dog chipping for council

Clutha District Council Mayor Juno Hayes this week suggested council staff should only microchip certain dogs but denied the move would put the council on the wrong side of the law.
"We're not breaking the law, we're just not playing sheriff by going round chasing up unchipped dogs," he said.

The Clutha District Council plans to take a softly-softly approach to some microchipping provisions contained in the dog control legislation, due to come into force on July 1.
Councillors at yesterday's council meeting opposed the microchipping of farm dogs, which the Government said this week would not be exempted from the new regime.
They supported Mayor Juno Hayes, who suggested that council take a "silent approach" to enforcing some aspects of the proposed law. MORE>>

The law ain't broken if no one knows.. Or as a high school English teacher once told me: Cheat well, or don't cheat at all!"


  • At 8:48 a.m., Blogger Conners said…

    Our laws about the Pit bull ban in Ontario, Canada are so vague, and ignorance is no excuse because the outcome is the same, the dogs get a destroy order put on them.
    That's the hard part. We just don't know until it happens to a dog and we are learning in a very scary way.
    Not only that, but socialization is so important, but the government has taken that away from us. Unless you own multi dogs and have a 6 ft secure fence around your property, which some landlords won't allow, your dog is restricted to alway be muzzled and approx. a 5 1/2 ft leash (try to find one...they're all 6 ft).
    I have friends bring their dogs with them when they come to visit, but the whole idea of socializing is meeting strange dogs on the street. We can still do that...except when the other dog owners see a muzzled dog they turn in a different direction. You want to scream, PLEASE! LET THE DOGS SOCIALIZE!!! MY DOG LIKES TO MEET OTHER DOGS!
    Shasta has her CGN and she's also my Service Dog, uncertified due to her being restricted. How fair is that!
    You put so much work into getting them properly socialized right from puppyhood and the government in one day can take that all away from you. It's a sad time for restricted dogs.
    You have a great site and I like the way you add your own comments to the articles. Keep up the great work.


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