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April 07, 2006

Savage dog attacks will continue

This is written by an MP in Rakaia (check the link to see who). What really hazzels me (and yes, hazzel is a word, MY word) is that when doglinks asked MPs their opinions about microchipping, we were laughed at! Oh, there were more important issues they seemed to say by their manner...

Dog attacks are an urban problem, not a rural one, and the Government's plan to microchip all dogs will do nothing to solve it.

The debate about microchipping dogs has raged for so long that the rationale behind it has been lost by many. I thought that Kiwis would never forget the horrific images of Carolina Anderson, a beautiful little girl scarred for life by a vicious, savage and uncontrolled mongrel dog. This was just one of many such attacks by these types of dogs over recent years.

At the time, the community rose up in anger and demanded action. The Government beat its chest and declared it would indeed address the issue. But then it faltered and finally lost its nerve because, ultimately, it came to realise that the only way to stop vicious dog attacks is to destroy these dogs and bar them from being bred or imported. Rather than face up to this issue, the Government carefully crafted a smokescreen about the need to identify all dogs. So the concept of microchipping all dogs was born. From the Government's point of view, this policy has worked perfectly, allowing them to conveniently "forget" the problem of savage dogs.

Blah, blah, blah.. would you vote for him now? Would he have said this before the elections??


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